The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association

Midlands Branch

"Spotlight" on

Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band

On Burns’ Night, January 25 th, 1994, a small group of Police and Prison Officers got together to discuss the possibility of creating a Pipe Band with the Emergency Services in the East Midlands. It was soon realised that there were not enough Police Officers to form a big enough band, and so, an invitation was extended to all branches of the Emergency Services, to include civilian and support staff and their families.

The Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire gave permission that the Bands identity would be “The Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band”.

Many of the members present on Burns Night 1994 could already play either the Great Highland Bagpipe or the drums. Members then planned to create a band which was able to perform competently at events and parades within 2 years. A number of personnel within the Emergency Services expressed an interest in learning to play either the pipes or drums. However only 6 months later the newly formed Pipe Band was asked to perform at the grand opening of the Annual Nottinghamshire Police Gala Day at Epperstone. The Band not only successfully opened the proceedings, but was actually requested to stop performing, as visitors were leaving other attractions at the event, in order to watch the Band’s performance. This was an early indication that the Band was more than well on their way to achieving their target.

Detective Superintendent Michael Ward took up the Role as Chairman of the Band until his retirement in 2004 when the current Detective Superintendent George Frame took over the role.

Unable to receive any form of funding from the Chief Constable, the Police Authority or from either Nottingham City or County Councils, the equipment, i.e. uniforms, instruments and all travel costs, are paid by raising funds from the Band’s own performances.

The Band, registered with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, competes in both English and Scottish Competitions and has achieved success in both, the most notable being awarded prizes at the Scottish Championships, Cowel Championships and at the prestigious World Championships.

The Band regularly flies the flag, both for Nottinghamshire Police and for Nottinghamshire as a whole: Namely, taking part in the annual UKCOPS ceremony, performing at the Ryder Cup’s opening and closing ceremonies, British Grand Prix Ball, Hong Kong trip for Chinese New Year’s celebrations, various festivals and parades in Germany, France, Spain to mention a few. The Band continues to perform at military ceremonies, carnivals, charity events, and various celebrations, both in this country and Overseas. So far, already there are initial plans for the Band to perform in Police concerts by invitation of relevant forces both in Switzerland 2007 and South Australia in 2008.

Further information can be obtained from Drum Major Jim Spindley (e-mail contact on the Branch Bands page)